PCOC Network Expansion Grant Opportunity

The Office of Healthy Aging is part of the multi- year, interagency,  No Wrong Door Initiative team led by the Executive Office of  Health and Human Services (EOHHS). The No Wrong Door Initiatives focuses on redesigning the State’s system of long-term services and support (LTSS) to improve consumer access and choice. One of the centerpieces of this initiative has been the launch of a pilot program to provide Person-Centered Options Counseling (PCOC), which is a new form of decision support for consumers in need of or at risk for Medicaid LTSS. To expand access to this service, the Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging (OHA), in collaboration with EOHHS, is issuing notice of a grant opportunity using $200,000 of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to encourage and support up to three (3) community organizations interested in joining a growing network of PCOC providers.

OHA, in collaboration with EOHHS, will select up to three (3) community partners to receive equal award from the total of $200,000 that will be devoted to this project. The award period is twelve (12) months. The 12-month period for providing PCOC may begin at the time the awardee has met the readiness criteria to initiate services. The determination of readiness will depend on completion of all required EOHHS trainings for PCOC as well as implementation of the necessary software. The Executive Office and Health and Human Services (EOHHS) will provide all necessary training to grant recipients and cover the cost of licensing fees for the required software.

Grant funds may be used to cover any startup costs that are not otherwise covered by Medicaid for MyOptions Advisor staffer(s), PCOC supplies and equipment and any outreach activities to increase awareness of PCOC and LTSS options in the community.

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Title 45 75.306 Cost Sharing or Matching

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Exhibit B – Office of Healthy Aging Budget Template

Send questions to OHHS.LTSSResiliency@ohhs.ri.gov by April 22, 2022

Send applications to OHHS.LTSSResiliency@ohhs.ri.gov by April 29, 2022