Pre-requisites When Registering For The Medicaid EHR Incentive

 The items listed below must be completed before an Eligible Professionals or an Eligible Hospital can proceed to the RI Medicaid EHR Incentive Application process:

  • Make note of your CMS EHR Certification Number
    Prior to registering with CMS for the Medicaid EHR Incentive you will need a CMS EHR Certification Number. To obtain this number, visit the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (ONC) website, click here, and follow the steps to acquire the CMS EHR Certification Number. 
  • Register first with CMS
    Before you apply for the Rhode Island Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, you must register first through the CMS Registration & Attestation System (R&A).  Click here to review the instructions on how to register or access the R&A System. CMS will notify the Rhode Island Medicaid program of your registration request. The Rhode Island Medicaid MAPIR system will send you an email indicating that your R&A registration has been received.
    Note: If you are registering on behalf of an eligible provider(s), you may need to apply for a CMS Identity and Access Management (I&A) User ID and password.
  • Obtain a Rhode Island Medicaid Trading Partner ID
    You will need a Rhode Island Medicaid Trading Partner ID to access MAPIR. You or your office may already have a Trading Partner ID that you use to access Medicaid claim and payment information. If not, or if you need to associate additional providers to an existing Trading Partner ID, you will need to complete the appropriate Trading Partner Agreement forms, click here.
  • If necessary, obtain a Rhode Island Medicaid Provider ID
    You may be a provider that is eligible only for the RI Medicaid EHR Incentive, but may not have a RI Medicaid Provider ID. In order to be paid for the RI Medicaid EHR Incentive, each provider must have an active Medicaid Provider ID. 

    Please note that if you are only enrolled as a Medicaid provider with a Managed Care plan, you will need to enroll to get an active Medicaid Provider ID.  Also, if you are a rendering provider enrolled in a Medicaid group, but want the incentive payment paid to you as an individual, you will need to modify your existing RI Medicaid Provider ID enrollment.  

    Should you have questions about your RI Medicaid Provider ID or need more information on how to obtain one, please feel free to contact the HP Customer Service Help Desk at (401) 784-8100 for local and long distance calls or 1-800-964-6211 for in-state toll calls, Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm.