Nursing Home Transition Program

The Nursing Home Transition Program (NHTP) and Money Follows the Person program (MFP) offers support to Rhode Islanders who are interested in returning to the community from a nursing home. A transition team provides information and support to help a person evaluate their needs, develop a plan of care, and facilitate the transition.

The Nursing Home Transition Team will help:

• Arrange services and supports at home or in the community

• Work together with a person to identify goals and develop a plan of care

• Find housing, including providing assistance with housing applications and assisting with the move, if needed

• Obtain necessary household goods and assistive devices

A case manager in the community will provide ongoing support and assistance after the return home.

The Money Follows the Person program (MFP) provides the supports and services available through the Nursing Home Transition Program but has more specific eligibility criteria. Through the MFP program, the state is eligible for additional federal financial support to be used for enhancing the system of long term services and supports.

Who is Eligible?

Nursing home residents aged 18 or older and eligible for Medicaid may qualify for the Nursing Home Transition Program. There are transition teams to assist people who are directly served through the Rhode Island Medicaid Office and those who are served by a managed care organization.

For more information, click on our Nursing Home Transition fact sheet or visit the Nursing Home Transition Program website at TransitionProgram.aspx.  You can also contact the Nursing Home Transition Program by email at or by calling 401- 462-6393.