Health Information Technology

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) is pleased to share this Rhode Island Statewide Health Information Technology (HIT) Strategic Roadmap and Implementation Plan. The Roadmap, researched and written with the help of EOHHS' Briljent consulting team lays out the vision for statewide HIT efforts over the next three years. It builds upon a long history of HIT innovation and progress, and will promote alignment among existing efforts, while guiding future investments in HIT. The HIT Roadmap reflects months of stakeholder engagement, policy analysis, research, and planning to improve healthcare services and quality, lower costs, reduce provider burden, and better serve the people of Rhode Island.

As part of this process, there were three overarching core values that surfaced and are imbued throughout the Roadmap and Implementation Plan: 1) HIT is an enabler of broader health transformation efforts; 2) a race equity lens must be applied to efforts in order to reduce health disparities; and 3) patients are key and must be considered with all initiatives.  

The following five documents were developed as part of a year-long community process to develop this statewide HIT Strategic Roadmap and Implementation Plan: 

  1. RI HIT Current State Assessment: A historical look at Rhode Island's HIT system.
  2. RI HIT Stakeholder Assessment: A review of the 80 interviews with over 100 Rhode Island HIT stakeholders that were carried out by the Briljent consultants. Participants reflected on the future HIT system that they would like to see in the state.
  3. RI HIT Gap Analysis: An analysis of the difference between the current state and the system stakeholders would like to see in the future.
  4. RI HIT Strategic Roadmap: Rhode Island's vision, strategies, and tactics for HIT efforts over the next three years.
  5. RI HIT Roadmap Implementation: Specific implementation plans for the HIT strategies and tactics.

The Roadmap and Implementation Plan will remain living documents, so the state is always willing to take feedback. Please email Olivia King ( with any thoughts and reactions.

To access HIT Steering Committee materials, please click here.