Learning agenda: Priority research areas

The Ecosystem connects data at the person level across state and non-state agencies.  It allows us to ask and answer deep questions about what drives well-being.  The following five priority areas have been identified by Ecosystem Board, Data Stewards, and Program Leads.

PRIORITY 1: Focus on the root causes and the socioeconomic and environmental drivers of health that ensure individuals can achieve their full potential.

PRIORITY 2: Promote continuums of care that deliver efficient, effective, and equitable services across the life course.

PRIORITY 3: Address addiction, improve the behavioral health system, and combat stigma, bias, and discrimination.

PRIORITY 4: Develop and support a robust and diverse health and human services workforce to meet the needs of every Rhode Islander.

PRIORITY 5: Modernize, integrate, and transform health information technology and data systems to support value-based systems of care.