Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit Verification is an in-home visit scheduling, tracking and billing system that employs controls within the delivery of home based services to ensure client's quality of care.

EOHHS has contracted with Sandata Technologies, LLC to provide the EVV system.  

 Who Should I Contact?

  • To return or replace a FVV device, please fill out the FVV Replacement Return form 
  • To request a FVV device, please fill out the FVV Device Request Form 
  • For questions regarding the Rhode Island Open Alt EVV System or to initiate the process to link to Sandata aggregator please email Customer Service:  rialtevv@sandata.com
  • For questions regarding the Rhode Island SAM closed System please email Customer Support:  RIcustomercare@sandata.com or call 1-855-781-2079.
  • For issues regarding a Fixed Visit Verification Device please email Customer Support:  RIcustomercare@sandata.com
  • For a replacement or return of an FVV device, please fill out this form and fax to 401-462-3350.
  • To receive the Provider Update  by email, send a request to riproviderservices@dxc.com. Please include the primary type of services you provide. In addition to the Provider Update, you will also receive updates related to the services you provide.
  • Any additional question feel free to email OHHS EVV Escalation

Home Health Care Services

Sandata Document Library

Visit the Sandata Document Library for training materials and provider documents.

Consumer Directed Services

Third Party Alt EVV

Provider Meeting Minutes and Project Implementation Updates

Important Reminders:

As a reminder, RI EOHHS has recently deployed the Client Verification functionality which will require all caregivers to have members verify the service provided, time of service provided, and either a verbal or written signature. These data elements will be required for TVV and SMC. If these data elements are not captured as part of the visit, it will result in exceptions in Visit Maintenance

System Updates and Releases