Early Intervention Provider Relief Program

In late June 2020, Governor Raimondo approved financial relief payments to Early Intervention provider agencies. These one-time grant payments are meant to support system resiliency and response to public health concerns brought on by COVID-19 related disruptions in service delivery as well as to offset costs of business interruption and expenses incurred due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The Rhode Island Early Intervention (EI) program serves over 4000 thousand (4000) Rhode Island children on annual basis.  Children eligible for EI have moderate to severe special health care needs often as a result of a diagnosed chronic developmental, cognitive, physical, medical, neurological, behavioral and/or emotional condition, many of which are long-term disabilities or include complex medical needs.  EI assists children with special health care needs from infancy through age 3 and offers a range of developmental interventions, clinical treatments, and parent education all designed to improve the developmental outcomes for Rhode Island children.  

Despite innovative efforts by provider agencies to operationalize the service delivery of their service plans virtually (telehealth) during the COVID-19 pandemic, many families were forced to temporarily suspend service due to overall safety concerns related to COVID-19, the inability of their child to engage virtually or due to their lack of possession of the needed technology for virtual treatment.  COVID-19 has caused a significant disturbance to families who depend on these critical Medicaid services.  Based on data collected by RI Medicaid, there has been an average utilization rate decrease of 50% with some providers experiencing a decrease in utilization as high as 80%.

Recognizing that many of these services are unable to be delivered exclusively via telehealth, provider agencies will need funding to restore the lost revenue associated with COVID-19 and identify the resources needed to resume in-person service delivery for families who need them most.  Payments shall not exceed the sum of the (1) documented lost revenue and (2) COVID-related increased costs, minus (3) the amount of federal assistance received. 

Program Timeline:

Please complete the application in its entirety  here .

Applications are due Friday 7/24/20 by 5pm EST .  

The state projects to make initial disbursements to approved provider agencies on 8/14/2020.  The state then projects to disburse the second half of payment to providers following an evaluation of the execution of reopening plans and evidence of effort to increase services in person, in the home, through September 30, 2020. 

Program Documents:

·           Program Guidance

·           Financial Agreement (embedded in application)

·           Provider Questions and Answers

Please email ohhs.childrens_provider_relief@ohhs.ri.gov if you have additional questions that are not addressed in the program’s guidance or questions and answers.