Priority 3: Core Concepts Practice Transformation

A trainee and a teacher looking at their work

Teach core concepts of  health system and practice transformation

Increase the capacity of the current and future healthcare workforce to understand and apply core concepts of health system and practice transformation

STRATEGY 2: Integrated team-based care

Increase the capacity of current and future health professionals to integrate physical, behavioral, and oral health, and long-term care through interdisciplinary, team-based practice. Incorporate understandings of integrated physical, behavioral, and oral health into all health professional education programs.

  • Expand interprofessional health education activities among higher education programs (e.g., nursing, social work, pharmacy, medicine) 
  • Expand continuing education, supervisor training, and leadership development to support integrated, team-based care 
  • Provide continuing education to behavioral health professionals on assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and/or referral of physical and oral healthcare issues
  • Provide continuing education to primary care providers on assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and/or referral of behavioral and oral health issues

STRATEGY 2: Health system Transformation Concepts

Educate the current and future health care workforce about the significance of value-based payments, care management, social determinants of health, health equity, population health, and data analytics.

  • Engage and support higher education partners and others to develop a “clearinghouse” of content-specific training modules (for-credit, not-for-credit, or continuing education) that can be delivered in the classroom, workplace, and/or online.