Medicaid Information for Dental Professionals

RI Dentists: Have you checked under your pillow?

Apply to Enroll in Medicaid 

As a dental professional in Rhode Island, you can easily apply to enroll in Medicaid online at The requested documentation is very similar to what private insurance companies require.

Enroll to accept RI Medicaid patients today.

The online application process is easy to use and there is an automated assistant, as well as a user guide, to help you each step along the way. If you need additional help with the application process, you may call the Help Desk at (401) 784-8100 or email

Why Enroll in Medicaid? 

About 1/3 of Rhode Islanders have oral health insurance through Medicaid. That’s more than 300,000 people, including:  

  • 7,000 in Bristol County  
  • 38,000 in Kent County  
  • 240,000 in Providence County  
  • 21,000 in Washington County  
  • 15,000 in Newport County 

By addressing the oral health needs of adults and families from marginalized and disadvantaged communities, you can help improve health equity in Rhode Island. According to national data, improved access to dental care may even help lower rates of preventable emergency department visits and opioid misuse in the Ocean State.  

Medicaid myths

RI Medicaid dental reimbursement rates are higher than ever. Medicaid reimbursement rates for many oral health services have increased by more than 100%. To view some examples of current rates, visit

PLUS: 6 RI Medicaid Myths Debunked for Dental Professionals


Resources for New and Existing Medicaid Providers  

A wealth of training and resources are available to educate professionals and their staff about which services are covered by Medicaid and how to bill for them. Helpful resources are listed below: 

Medicaid Point of Contact for Dental Professionals: 

Andrea Rohrer  

(469) 897-4389 

Virtual Medicaid Townhalls 

The current oral health system is experiencing significant hurdles; therefore, it is time to look towards innovative care models to address the growing gaps in care. That’s why EOHHS and the RI Dental Association held Virtual Medicaid Town Halls to share information about new resources available to dental professionals. 

Watch our three-part series and learn about new resources for dental professionals and projects intended to reach adults disproportionately impacted by limited access to oral care. A summary of speakers and topics discussed during each session can be found here

All resources and initiatives shared during the Medicaid Townhalls are also shared in the EOHHS Oral Health Transformation Portfolio including Workforce Development, Utilizing Public Health Dental Hygienists (PHDHs) and Community Health Workers (CHWs), Frequently Asked Questions About Medicaid, Strategies for Practice Performance, and more. EOHHS Oral Health Transformation Overview also provides a comprehensive and strategic overview to of RI's efforts to address disparities in oral health within the state.