Workforce Transformation

Rhode Island’s health & human services could not exist without a dedicated, well-trained, highly-skilled workforce that is reflective of the diversity of the communities and individuals whom they serve. That is why EOHHS has identified support for the health and human services workforce as one of its five core priorities.

PRIORITY 1: Focus on the root causes and the socioeconomic and environmental determinants of health that ensure individuals can achieve their full potential

PRIORITY 2: Promote continuums of care that deliver efficient, effective, and equitable services across the life course.

PRIORITY 3: Address addiction, improve the behavioral health system, and combat stigma, bias, and discrimination.

PRIORITY 4: Develop and support a robust and diverse health and human services workforce to meet the needs of every Rhode Islander.

PRIORITY 5: Modernize, integrate, and transform health information technology and data systems to support value-based systems of care

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As Rhode Island’s health and human services partners continually strive to transform and improve care and services for all Rhode Islanders, so must we continue to assess and improve how we train, deploy, and support our health and human services workforce. 

EOHHS is committed to collaborating with healthcare and education providers, payors, policymakers, labor and community partners and others to identify and address our state’s significant healthcare workforce challenges through an ongoing health workforce planning process. 

We encourage you to learn more and get involved!

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