Healthcare Workforce Transformation Report

Publication cover of Healthcare Workforce Transformation

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) initiated a Healthcare Workforce Transformation planning process in 2017.

This process actively engaged over 250 healthcare partners to share their insights into the types of occupations, roles, and training that will be needed in our rapidly evolving health system and workforce. 

The Healthcare Workforce Transformation Report incorporates many valuable contributions from our healthcare colleagues, as well as an analysis of data, research, and best practices, and identifies key priorities and strategies to educate, deploy and support a talented and diverse healthcare workforce.

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of those involved in the State Innovation Model (SIM) Test Grant Project, the Healthcare Workforce Transformation Advisory Committee, Jobs for the Future, and our many healthcare colleagues who have given of their time and expertise to help chart a course for Rhode Island’s healthcare workforce and system transformation.