Data Governance Structure

Through carefully governed, permissioned access to de-identified data, we empower state leaders, researchers, and community voices with the information they need to understand our connectedness.

Executive Board

  • Purpose: Ensure Ecosystem work aligns with state priorities; recommend large projects that represent 70% of Ecosystem resources; ensure Ecosystem sustainability and statewide support.
  • Leadership: Co-chaired by EOHSS Secretary and Health Insurance Commissioner
  • Members: Directors or designees from each of the contributing Data Providers of the Ecosystem; Governor’s office; DoIT; EOHHS Policy; EOHHS Legal.
  • Meeting operations: Quarterly meetings facilitated by Ecosystem Director

Data Stewards Group 

  • Members: Committee composed of representatives from each Data Provider with program, and data expertise. One designated representative (Data Steward) from each Data Provider has decision-making authority over the use of their Confidential Data to approve use cases and projects.
  • Meeting operations: Monthly meetings that include presentations on agency-led projects; Co-facilitated by Ecosystem Director, Deputy Director, and Project Manager.

Ecosystem Team

  • Members: Ecosystem Director, Deputy Director, project manager, technical staff, and analytic staff
  • System oversight: Integrate data from partner agencies, clean it, model it, and update on a monthly basis.
  • Daily operations: Staff manage use access, permissions, security, and project approval.