Data Sharing & Use Process

Each data source has a Data Steward who is designated by their agency as owner of the data source. No data is ever released without the Data Steward’s permission. A Data Request Form follows the procedures outlined by the Ecosystem Data Steward Group.

Data Request Form

  1. Ecosystem Staff review - Request will go through an initial review by Ecosystem team.
  2. Data Provider and Data Steward Group review - Reviewed by data providers whose data are being requested and select Data Steward Group members.  Based on this review, feedback will be sent to the requestor for items that require clarification or modification.
  3. Data Steward Group endorsement - Once reviewed, the relevant committee members will approve, require revisions, or reject the request.
  4. Request Queued - If approved, the request will be filled based on an Ecosystem priority list that takes several factors into account.  Please note that because of the constantly evolving nature of this priority list, Ecosystem staff will not be able to provide you with an exact date by when your data request will be fulfilled but will provide you with an estimated timeframe.
  5. Discussion of technical details - When it is time to begin your data request, staff will reach out to you to discuss the details of the request.
  6. Data deidentification review - Once the data are prepared, staff and Data Steward Group members will review the output to ensure deidentification. 
  7. Submission of payment - As applicable, the Data Requestor will submit payment for the DRF.
  8. Secure data transfer - Once approved, data will be transferred to the Data Recipient using an approved secure transfer method.

RI Ecosystem Data Request Process

Data request flow chart