RI Health Care System Planning

This page has information about the RI Health Care System Planning Cabinet and the EOHHS Independent Advisory Council.  

On February 23, 2024, Governor Dan McKee signed an Executive Order establishing a State Health Care System Planning (HCSP) Cabinet that will take a unified, interdepartmental approach to evaluating and proposing recommendations for Rhode Island’s health care system.

“All Rhode Islanders deserve access to quality health care. As part of my administration’s Rhode Island 2030 Plan, we have prioritized strengthening our state’s health care system in ways that better support affordable and accessible services to maximize health outcomes for all Rhode Islanders,” said Governor Dan McKee. “My administration has provided millions of dollars to our state’s health care system, including $135 million in my FY25 budget proposal to improve reimbursement rates and strengthen behavioral health care. The Health Care System Planning Cabinet will solicit feedback from a variety of stakeholders to develop the best path forward for Rhode Islanders.”

Like many states, Rhode Island’s health care system is challenged by misaligned rates, workforce shortages, and disparities in access, quality, and outcomes for the most vulnerable communities. The HCSP Cabinet will make recommendations focused on improving quality, affordability, and equity across the continuum of care to ensure Rhode Islanders have access to a health care system aligned with current and future needs. The Cabinet will integrate oversight and accountability of the health care system using data and make recommendations for establishing a framework for regulating and overseeing the entire system of care. 

The planning effort will be led by the state and will include and align closely with the private sector, community partners, and health care consumers throughout the process. 

  • Richard Charest, Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
  • Ana Novais, Assistant Secretary of Executive Office of Health and Human Services
  • Kristin Sousa, Medicaid Program Director 
  • Dr. Staci Fischer, MD, Acting Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health  
  • Kimberly Merolla-Brito, Director of the Department of Human Services 
  • Richard, Leclerc, Director of the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals
  • Ashley Deckert, Director of the Department of Children, Youth and Families
  • Maria Cimini, Director of the Office of Healthy Aging
  • Kasim Yarn, Director of the Office of Veterans Services
  • Matthew Weldon, Director of the Department of Labor and Training
  • Cory King, Health Insurance Commissioner
  • Shannon Gilkey, Postsecondary Education Commissioner
  • Lindsay Lang, Director of HealthSource RI

The main goal for the EOHHS Independent Advisory Council is for it to provide insights and expertise to the HCSP Cabinet, including recommendations on planning priorities, access to data and information, reflections on questions that Cabinet members develop, and ongoing feedback on consultant activities. The Advisory Council’s membership – including existing planning tables, community coalitions, and expert community partners – will be a critical component of the State’s planning process.

Meeting Materials:

March 28, 2024 

April 30, 2024

May 22, 2024

The Rhode Island Health Workforce Data Dashboard was created by the EOHHS Data Ecosystem in 2024. The Dashboard enables healthcare providers, educators, policymakers, and others to review and analyze data that provides a detailed understanding of the State’s licensed health professional workforce. The following data elements can be searched and filtered via the Dashboard from 2010 through the present:

  • Number of licensees
  • Number and percentage of licensees employed in a healthcare setting in Rhode Island
  • Number and percentage of licensees employed in any setting in Rhode Island
  • Race & ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Average age
  • Median annual earnings
  • Setting (ie, type of employer)
  • Education and training providers
  • Career progressions (CNA, LPN, and RN)

Please direct questions and comments about the Health Workforce Data Dashboard to Rick.Brooks@ohhs.ri.gov.