HCBS Final Rule - Updates 2016

  • 6/2/2016 - The final version of the grid for regulations, statutes, and certification standards that require remediation is being reposted.  The start dates, end dates, and milestones incorporated in the grid are consistent with dates in the transition plan matrix.  The Regulation grid has been forwarded to CMS for review as of June 8, 2016. HCBS Updated Regulation Grid  
  • 3/1/2016 - The following information has been added to the State Transition Plan:

    1)  The plan has been updated to show a further breakdown of the settings that will be reviewed.

    2)  Additional information on how the Department of Justice consent decree affects the settings reviewed and which settings are included in the decree.

    3)  A further explanation of the validation process for the site specific reviews. 

    HCBS Transition Plan

  • 1/25/2016 - The State submitted the following to CMS for review on 1/15/16:

    1)  Updated Transition Plan:  The following has been added:

    An updated description of the State's process for compliance with Medicaid-funded   

               HCBS rule ( B) On-going Monitoring of Setting (C) An updated transition plan matrix with 

               milestones towards deliverables; and start and end dates for each deliverable

              (D) An updated plan of remedial actions for a 100% validated sample size of all the settings

              (E) Department of Justice Consent Decree and Transition Plan (F) Heightened Scrutiny

              (G) Relocating Beneficiaries

    2)  Grid for regulations, statutes, certification standards that require remediation.  Start dates, end dates and milestones are consistent with updates in the Matrix.

    The State is seeking input on the attached HCBS Setting Systemic Assessments Remediation Grid.  Comments are due  by February 19, 2016.  HCBS Setting Systemic Assessments Remediation Grid