Healthcare Workforce Transformation Planning Process (2016-17)

Healthcare Workforce Transformation Needs Assessment

Determine RI’s Current And Projected Healthcare Workforce Needs And Educational Capacity

  • Profile of the current healthcare workforce

    Occupations and job descriptions, supply and demand, compensation, educational and 

        licensure requirements, places of employment, scope of practice, and demographics
  • Projections of the future healthcare workforce

    Growth rates, vacancy rates, shortages and surpluses, skills gaps

    Emerging occupations

    New skill requirements, new roles, new places of employment, new models of care
  • Profile of healthcare education and training providers

    Inventory of current healthcare education programs

    Capacity, graduation rates, and employment outcomes of educational programs

Healthcare Workforce Transformation Strategic Planning

Meet the evolving workforce needs of healthcare employers and achieve health system goals

  • Identify promising workforce strategies based on best practices and stakeholder input
  • Identify fiscal, regulatory, statutory, organizational, political, and cultural barriers to implementing workforce transformation strategies
  • Build consensus around specific healthcare workforce transformation recommendations
  • Foster partnerships among healthcare providers, educators, and policy-makers to implement healthcare workforce development innovations for the current and future healthcare workforce
  • Identify new and/or existing resources to implement workforce development strategies
  • Evaluate and revise workforce development strategies, as needed, to reflect challenges, successes, resources, and evolving health system goals

Healthcare Stakeholder Engagement

To gather input from diverse perspectives and build consensus and support for promising strategies 

  • October 2016:  Initial Healthcare Workforce Transformation Committee meeting; Set context for healthcare workforce transformation; Preliminary discussion of healthcare workforce needs and strategies. (Committee meeting minutes)
  • November -December 2016:  Subcommittee meetings to continue issue-focused discussions of promising strategies, potential barriers, and solutions (Committee meeting minutes)
  • December – February 2017:  Full committee meetings to vet findings and recommended strategies (Committee meeting minutes)
  • May 2017:  Publication of the Healthcare Workforce Transformation Report
  • June 2017:  Health Workforce Transformation Summit to highlight plan recommendations and best practices across the US and in RI