Healthcare Workforce Transformation

Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Handouts

10/7/16     Healthcare Workforce Transformation-  agendameeting minutes                  
                   Handouts- workgroup discussion questions
11/1/16     Primary Care- agendameeting minutes                   
                   Primary Care- discussion template                  
                   Dr. Peter Hollmann/University Medicine- presentation
11/3/16     Behavioral Health: Practice and Integration- agendameeting minutes                   
                   Behavioral Health- discussion template
11/10/16  Social Determinants of Health- agenda, meeting minutes, handouts  
                   Social Determinants of Health- discussion template
11/15/16  Data, Quality, Reporting HIT - agenda, meeting minutes, powerpoint                   
                  handout, discussion template
11/17/16  Home and Community-Based Care - agenda, handout, discussion template
                   meeting minutes
11/22/16  Chronic Disease - agenda, discussion template, NDPP info graphic
                  presentationmeeting minutes
12/1/16    Oral Health - agenda, presentation, meeting minutes
12/6/16    Full Group Recap Meeting - agenda, Jobs for the Future presentation,
                  Small group discussion worksheet, Key Takeaways from discussion groups,
                  meeting minutes
2/3/17     Healthcare Workforce Transformation Meeting- agenda, meeting notes
                 Emerging Healthcare Workforce Transformation Priorities