Medicaid Annual Plan Change Opportunity

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EOHHS will not have a formal Medicaid Annual Plan Change Opportunity (MAPCO) period in 2024. As was the case during the Return to Normal Operation period members may switch their plans no more than one (1) time every six (6) months from when they first make a plan change request. Members can make a plan change through two options: 1) Calling HSRI and requesting a plan change; or, 2) Making the change through the just cause form and selecting "Change My Health Plan.”

   To request a plan change, please use the Health Plan Change Request Form - English, Spanish, Portuguese

The three health plan choices are:

Members will receive a letter in early September, early October letting them know they have an opportunity to change plans.

If they do not want to change plans, they do nothing. If they would like to switch, they should contact the new plan to see if their health care providers are in the health plan's network. They should also check the drug formulary to be sure that any medications they (or their family members) take are covered by the new plan. 

To change plans, members can complete a Plan Change Request form that comes with their letter or call HealthSource RI at 1-855-840-4774. 


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