Personal Choice Program

The Personal Choice Program is a home and community-based program where individuals who are eligible for Long Term Care services have the opportunity to exercise choice and control (i.e., hire, fire, supervise, manage) individuals who provide their personal care, and to exercise choice and control over a specified amount of funds in a participant-directed budget. Participants choose as appropriate or applicable a service advisement agency and a fiscal agent to assist in making informed decisions that are consistent with their needs and that reflect their individual circumstances.

The Personal Choice Program is:

  • A Long Term Care Service for people with disabilities over the age of (18) eighteen or elders aged (65) or older.
  • For individuals who meet either a high or highest level of care.
  • For individuals who want to either return home or remain at home.
  • For individuals who want to purchase their own care and services from a budget based on their individual functional needs.
  • For individuals who have the ability to self-direct care or who have a representative who is able to direct care for the participant.
  • Assistance is provided to the participant by a case manager and a fiscal intermediary.

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