Dental Services For Adults

The RI Medicaid Program provides dental services to children and adults over age 21 who have Medicaid coverage. Dental services are available out-of-plan, meaning, not paid for by the health plan a person is enrolled in.  There are two types of dental programs for adults over age 21:  Medicaid Dental Services or Nursing Home Mobile Dental Program (for people who live in a nursing home).

Medicaid Dental Services

Medicaid Dental Services provides dental services to adult over age 21 and also to older children (born before May 1, 2000 and therefore not eligible for RIte Smiles, Medicaid's dental program for children). 

Nursing Home Mobile Dental Program

The CareLink Mobile Dentistry Program provides mobile dental services to residents of nursing homes who have Medicaid coverage. To qualify, a resident of a nursing home has to have been in the nursing home for 45 days. See the CareLink Mobile Dentistry flyer for more information.

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