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    • Changes to the RI FFS Medicaid Payer Sheet
      Effective 2/23/2021 RI FFS Medicaid, in order to support the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) of 2016, is adding 2 additional field requirements to the payer sheet for submission of pharmacy claims.  The following fields have been added to the payer sheet.  These fields will be required on all CII drug Claims
      460-ET Quantity Prescribed Quantity prescribed expressed in metric decimal units
      384-4X Patient Residence Identifies patient's place of residence
      The following values will be the only values accepted for Patient Residence for CII drug claims:
      1- Home
      2-  Skilled Nursing Facility
      3- Nursing Facility
      4-  Assisted Living Facility
      6- Group Home
      11- Hospice
      14- Homeless Shelter
      Any value listed on the payer sheet will be accepted for all non-CII drug claims.
      Please reference the new payer sheet below and also note this information will be in the March Provider update. RI FFS Medicaid expects to begin receiving these fields on February 23, 2021
    • Covered Outpatient Drugs Rule Changes to Pharmacy Reimbursement
      As part of regulatory rules defined by the Covered Outpatient Drugs Rule, EOHHS is implementing changes to the reimbursement algorithm.  Medicaid Fee for Service (FFS) pharmacy claims reimbursement algorithm will include the CMS National Average Drug Cost (NADAC) price point and the pharmacy professional fee of $7.90 for recipients residing in a facility and $8.96 residing at home.  The EOHHS Drug Assistance Program claims will follow the FFS reimbursement algorithm.  These changes will take effect for claims with a date of service equal to or greater than, August 1, 2019.
    • Policy for the Treatment of Hepatitis C
    • RI State Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) List

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