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Minimum Staffing Compliance Information

2021 Minimum Staffing Information

The July 31, 2022 reporting deadline has been extended until December 31, 2022. Please see the links below for compliance information. 

  • 2021 Policy and Procedures
  • Sample Certification Form
    • EOHHS is working to develop a formal template that facilities will use for reporting. The link above is an example of what information will be required in the annual reporting. More guidance is forthcoming.


Resource Utilization Grouper (RUG)

Requests for Changes in Licensed Medicaid Beds

Processes and Procedures

Long Term Care Interim Payment Process - Posted  May 16, 2017


BM-64 Cost Report 2021 & Related Documentation:

BM-64 Cost Report 2020 & Related Documentation:

EOHHS has extended the Cost Report submission deadline from May 28, 2021 to July 30, 2021.


BM-64 Cost Report 2019 & Related Documentation:

BM-64 Cost Report 2018 & Related Documentation:

BM-64 Cost Report 2017 & Related Documentation:

BM-64 Cost Report 2016 & Related Documentation:

BM-64 Cost Report 2015:

BM-64 Cost Report 2014:

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