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Medicaid State Plan – Nursing Facility Principals of Reimbursement


Rhode Island Medicaid Nursing Facility Rate Development October 1, 2024 through Sepatember 2025

Program Information

COVID At-Home Test Reimbursement for Duals

Bed Hold Policy


Rates Effective 10/1/2023



Resource Utilization Grouper (RUG)

Requests for Changes in Licensed Medicaid Beds

Requests for Fair Rental Value Review

Uniform Accountability Procedures for Residents' Personal Needs Funds

Long Term Care Interim Payment Process - Posted  May 16, 2017


Nursing Facility Specialized Psychiatric Units Program


Minimum Staffing Compliance Information

FFY 2023 Minimum Staffing Information

The submission of the 10/1/2022 to 9/30/2023 minimum wage pass-through certification form is due 12/31/2023. All attestations must be submitted using the Certification Portal.

Civil Monetary Penalties Information

Civil Monetary Penalties (CMPs) are fines imposed against nursing facilities that do not meet federal health and safety requirements. CMPs are collected by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). A portion of the penalty funds collected by CMS are released to the State of Rhode Island to reinvest in projects that improve quality of care and/or quality of life for nursing home residents. For more information on CMPs and the facility application process to receive reinvestment funds, please visit the EOHHS CMP webpage.

BM-64 Cost Report Information

CY 2023 Nursing Facility Medicaid Cost Report Documentation

BM-64 Cost Report 2022 & Related Documentation: