Behavioral Health System Review

In 2019, the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) received a planning grant from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to Increase Substance Use Disorder Provider Capacity. EOHHS then began our Provider Capacity Building Project, and as a part of the effort, contracted with consultants Faulkner Consulting Group and Health Management Associates to carry out a review of the behavioral health system in the state. The resulting Rhode Island Behavioral Health System Review included both quantitative and qualitative components, to determine gaps in services and access in the state - as well as policy proposals that can address the gaps. 

Throughout the review process, EOHHS and our consultants sought public comment from a variety of stakeholders and included feedback in the final report. 

The findings of the review led EOHHS to identify two interventions to address the existing gaps in Rhode Island's Substance Use Disorder services and access, for which we are creating implementation plans: 

  • First, a plan for a statewide RI Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) program. This Rhode Island-specific program model would be designed to provide comprehensive mental health and substance use disorder services to vulnerable individuals throughout the life cycle. 
  • Second, a plan to develop a Single Statewide Mobile Mental Health Crisis System as a central part of our CCBHC model.

We will continue to seek stakeholder feedback throughout the implementation planning process. If you have ideas or questions, please contact Karen Lawrence, at


CCBHC Public Planning Meetings

CCBHC Provider Meeting – Children’s Services Information Session – October 5, 2023

CCBHC Info Session for Providers – Meeting Recording August 10, 2023

CCBHC Community Engagement Meeting Minutes 11.2.22 Notes

CCBHC Public Planning Meeting – FAQ Presentation

CCBHC Public Planning Meeting – FAQ Document

CCBHC Public Planning Meeting – Certification Standards

CCBHC Public Planning Meeting – Updates and Infrastructure

CCBHC Public Planning Meeting – Statewide Mobile Crisis Approach and Infrastructure Grants

CCBHC Public Planning Meeting - Development Grant Plan

CCBHC Public Planning Meeting – CCBHCs and DCOs

CCBHC Public Planning Meeting Notes – CCBHCs and DCOs

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic - Cost Reports

EOHHS, BHDDH, and DCYF drafted technical guidance to support provider completion of the CCBHC Cost Report.

Submissions must:

  • Follow CMS’ CCBHC cost report instructions for PPS-2 and this technical guidance
  • Use SFY 2022 (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022) as the base year for cost report data
  • Include supplemental reports in Appendix F
  • Include one report per organization

Cost reports must be submitted no later than February 15, 2023 as directed in the guidance. A meeting will be scheduled for Wednesday, January 4th, from 9-10:30 to review both certification requirements and PPS cost report technical guidance. Please submit cost report questions to by 12/28 to ensure the State’s response is addressed at the meeting. The inbox will remain open for questions beyond 12/28 and answered on a rolling basis.

We look forward to collaborating throughout the cost report development process.

CCBHC - Cost Report Technical Guidance (1/13/2023)

Appendix C - Population Assignment Grid

Appendix D – FFS Fee Schedule Crosswalk to CCBHC Services

Appendix F - Reporting Template (modified)

Trial Balance Crosswalk

CCBHC Cost Report and Certification Standards  (Public Meeting 1/4/2023)

CCBHC Cost Reporting Overview by Milliman (Public Meeting 1/4/2023)


Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic - Certification Standards

Many thanks to all who provided feedback on the draft RI CCBHC Certification Standards. The Standards have been finalized by the CCBHC Interagency Team and can be found below. Please note, SAMHSA recently released proposed updated federal CCBHC Certification Standards for public comment. We do not anticipate these to be finalized until Spring 2023. In the interim, we are moving ahead with our program development based on current federal standards. If, and when SAMHSA releases final federal updates, we will incorporate any new requirements into our RI standards to ensure alignment.

In tandem, the CCBHC Interagency Team released the RI CCBHC Certification Application (see below) on February 15, 2023, alongside an overview of the application review and scoring process. Applications must be submitted to the State no later than April 3, 2023 via email to Please submit all certification questions to this inbox and they will be answered on a rolling basis.


CCBHC Certifications Announcement

The Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH) and the CCBHC Interagency Team first released RI CCBHC Certification Standards on February 1, 2023. CCBHC Certification Applications were due to the State on April 3, 2023.

Background: Certification Process

The established certification standards, criteria, and application evaluation process reflect the State’s mission and priority to ensure access to high quality services to all Rhode Islanders. Here are the main components of the Rhode Island CCBHC certification process:

All State Fiscal Year 24 (SFY24) CCBHC applicants have been evaluated based on their demonstrated ability to meet the established certification requirements. This determination has been informed by both the contents of each provider’s written application for certification and an onsite assessment by the CCBHC Certification Team.

SFY24 CCBHC applicants have received one of four designations based on their demonstrated level of readiness to meet all core and minimum CCBHC certification: 1a) Not Certified – Application Closed; 1b) Not Certified – Application Remains Open; 2) Contingently Certified; OR 3) Fully Certified.

Applicants who are designated ‘contingently certified’ or ‘fully certified’ are eligible to execute an MCO contract and to receive the CCBHC PPS rate for as long as they maintain either of these statuses.

More information about the certification process can be found here, in an August 21, 2023 memo to CCBHC Applicants from EOHHS Secretary Richard Charest. And you may also find a Frequently Asked Questions page on the CCBHC process here.

Certification Results

Here are the results of the FY24 Certification Process as of December 8, 2023: